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My Colors Cardstock is manufactured from high quality, virgin pulp. Virgin pulp is the key ingredient that results in producing paper with long fibers. Long fiber paper allows the crafter to score and fold the cardstock without worry about cracking or ripping e ects. If you use a die cutting machine, long fiber paper is optimum for nice, clean, even cuts.
2) We produce 80 lb (216 GSM) and 100 lb (270 GSM) finished sheets.
These paper weights are sturdy and firm, ideal for all types of paper crafting.
3) My Colors Cardstock is core–dyed allowing for optimal color absorbtion throughout the paper. We only use soy dyes which are 100% safe for
the environment.
4) Our production methods allow each cardstock sheet to have a smooth, clean finish and it gives our embossed items a more even looking pattern. My Colors Cardstock does not use recycled materials in our production. Using recycled materials that contain synthetic fibers in paper production prevents smooth color absorption.
5) Every color run of My Colors Cardstock is monitored to insure a uniform color match from each dye lot. If your favorite color of cardstock
is Midnight Blue, be assured our Midnight Blue color will consistently be the same.
No one produces premium cardstock with as much care and consistency as we do at My Colors Cardstock. We simply want you to have the best, expect nothing less.

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